2nd Violin Concerto (Zweites Violinkonzert)

Violin Concerto 002

For solo violin, tape, bass baritone and 33 instrumentalists
Incorporating the poem “Hommage à Gödel” by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
English by Desmond Clayton and Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Commissioned by Paul Sacher

Year of composition 1971
Duration 29 minutes

In one movement

Dedicated to Paul, Maja and Brenton

World premiere

World premiere 2. November 1972


Basler Kammerorchester
Violin Brenton Langbein
Bassobaritono Kurt Widmer

Conductor Paul Sacher


After years of experience with this piece I have changed an important item in the score: unhappy with the foggy sound of the voice on the original electronic tape I have decided to have the voice performing live, preferably by a young buffo baritone, who can sing, perform sprechgesang and act cheerfully, without pathos (all by heart).

In January 1991 a new tape was made by Roderick Watkins (courtesy of the BBC and the Royal Academy of Music), on which the old sections for voice were omitted. Due to this, the presence of a singer is now compulsory for all performances of this concerto.

Hans Werner Henze


Violino solista(anche Violino con microfono di contatto)
3 Flauti(anche Ottavini)
1 Oboe
1 Corno inglese
1 Clarinetto(con microfono di contatto)
1 Clarinetto
1 Clarinetto basso
2 Fagotti
2 Corni
2 Trombe
1 Trombone(o Tuba wagneriana)
Percussione IVibrafono
Marimbula (o Salterio tedesco)
3 Campanacci
Percussione II3 Tomtom
Cassettina di legno
Bambú sospeso
Percussione III3 Piatti sospesi
Grancassa (con pedale della Grancassa)
8 Boo-bam (o Marimba con sordino)
Percussione IV3 Tamtam
2 Maracas
Lastra dal tuono sospesa
Campane tubolari
Mandolino (con microfono di  contatto)
Chitarra(con microfono di contatto)
Pianoforte preparato(con microfono di contatto)
4 Viole
3 Violoncelli
2 Contrabbassi