1946 Concert

Chamber Concerto (Kammerkonzert)

for piano, flute and strings

Year of composition 1946
Duration 12 minutes

Dedicated to Wolfgang Fortner

I Lively minims
II Recitative and Aria
Very lively

World premiere

World premiere 27. september 1946
Darmstadt · Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik

Orchester des Landestheaters Darmstadt
Flute Kurt Redel
Piano Carl Seemann
Conductor Fritz Straub


The first performance of my “opus 1”, written under the tutelage of Wolfgang Fortner, immediately brought me a contract with Schott in Mainz which led to life-long partnership. This juvenile piece clearly shows the state of my artistic development at that time which depended greatly on the German modernism of my father generation.

Hans Werner Henze