Orchestral and ensemble works 1956

Finale: Vivace assai

N. 12, from: Divertimento for Mozart. Twelve aspects of the aria „A sweetheart or a pretty little wife Is Papageno's wish“ for orchestra. Collective composition

Year of composition 1954

Duration 2 minutes

World premiere

World premiere 21. october 1956

Stadthalle • Donaueschingen

Conductor Hans Rosbaud


The complete piece „Divertimento for Mozart“ consists of 12 movements, each one written by a different composer.
I Gottfried von Einem: Introduktion - Wandlungen op. 21
II Luciano Berio: Variazioni
III Heimo Erbse: Allegro - Lento - Allegro
IV Peter Racine Fricker: Fantasie
V Niels Viggo Bentzon: Brillantes Concertino
VI Roman Haubenstock-Ramati: Papageno's Pocket-size Concerto
VII Giselher Klebe: Espressioni liriche
VIII Gerhard Wimberger: Allegro giocoso
IX Maurice le Roux: Allegro moderato
X Jacques Wildberger: Liebestoto
XI Maurice Jarre: Concertino
XII Hans Werner Henze: Finale: Vivace assai

The duration is 40 minutes, but the movements may be performed separately as well.


2 flutes
2 oboe
2 clarinets
2 bassoons

2 horns
2 trumpets