1999 Orchestral and ensemble works


Air pour l’orchestre
Commissioned by New York Philharmonic Society
with generous support by Francis Goelet-Foundation

Year of composition 1999
Duration 12 minutes

World premiere

World premiere November 11th, 1999

New York · New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor Kurt Masur


In October of 1997, I received an invitation from New York Philharmonic Music Director Kurt Masur asking me to contribute a musical message for the coming millennium. Maestro Masur's letter read 'My dream would be to have you provide us with a work lasting from 10 to 15 minutes that could both stand on its own or perhaps be combined with musical messages with other composers which we might compile for a full evening's concert.'

I welcomed the opportunity to bring one of six unique perspectives to this collective exploration of the meanings of the new millennium, and it is my hope that the Multi-Arts Production Fund will chose to support the New York Philharmonic's "Messages for the Millennium" project. My Millennium Message, Fraternité, Air for Orchestra, can best be described as a quiet and placid work in which all the instruments of the orchestra are as one ... and sing in praise of harmony and peace.

Hans Werner Henze


3 Flauti3° anche Flauto contralto
2 Oboi
1 Corno inglese
2 Clarinetti
1 Clarinetto basso
3 Fagotti3° anche Controfagotto
6 Corni
3 Trombe
6 Tromboni1° contralto
2°/3°/4° tenore
5° basso
6° contrabbasso
2 Piatti sospesi
Tamburo piccolo
[per 3]