Music theatre Opera 1992

Il Re Teodoro in Venezia

Giovanni Paisiello: Vienna 1784, Based on the heroic comedy in two acts by Giovanni Battista Casti

New orchestration and recitatives by Hans Werner Henze (in collaboration with David Paul Graham)
Adapted for the stage by Lorenzo Mariani

Period of composition 1991-92
Duration 150 minutes

World premiere

Workshop-Performance 16. July 1992

Montepulciano · Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte

Production Lorenzo Mariani
Stage and Costume design Pasquale Grossi
Conductor Giuseppe Mega


This is my second Paisiello comedy, after “Don Chisciotte” of 1976. This time I did not have to adapt the music for the piazza, but for small theatres. The orchestration is for smaller forces than in the original, and has been made more flexible and narrative. Lengthiness has disappeared; the recitatives are no longer secco, but are instead provided with a concertante piano part. The whole thing is conceived as an amusing entertainment; the splendour and misery of the im- postor revealed to be derided and deplored.

Hans Werner Henze


LisettasopranoSandrino’s lover
2 Donzelle 2 soprani 
Belisamezzosopranoa young adventuress and sister of King Teodoro
Gafforiotenoresecretary and first minister of Teodoro, alias Garbolino
Sandrino tenore a vendor
TeodorobaritonoKing of Corsica, alias Count Alberto
Akmet IIIbaritonodethroned grand sultan, wearing Armenian costume, alias Nicèforo
Taddeo basso inn-keeper and Lisetta’s father
Messer grandebassochief of the police of Venice


2 Flautianche Ottavini
2 Oboi2° anche Corno inglese
2 Clarinetti  2° anche Clarinetto basso
2 Fagotti2° anche Controfagotto
2 Corni
1 Tromba
1 Trombone
PercussioneCrotali (o Triangolo)
Tamtam (o Piatti a due)
Tamburo militare
Grancassa e piatto
[per 1]
Pianoforte anche Celesta ad lib.
Fisarmonica (o Armonio)
Sestetto d’archi(2 Violini, 2 Viole, 1 Violoncello, 1 Contrabbasso)