1965 Orchestral and ensemble works

In memoriam: The White Rose (In memoriam: Die Weiße Rose)

Double fugue for twelve instruments

Year of composition 1965
Duration 9 minutes

World premiere

World premiere 16. march 1965

Bologna · Rassegna della Resistenza Europea · Teatro Comunale

Members of the Orchestra Comunale di Bologna
Conductor Bruno Maderna


An epitaph for Hans and Sophie Scholl and the friends of their heroic antifascist movement (historically remembered under the name of “The White Rose”) for which they gave their lives.

Hans Werner Henze


1 Flauto
1 Corno inglese
1 Clarinetto basso
1 Fagotto

1 Corno
1 Tromba
1 Trombone

2 Violini
1 Viola
1 Violoncello
1 Contrabbasso