Music theatre Opera

La piccola Cubana

Vaudeville by Hans Magnus Enzensberger

after themes from Miguel Barnet
New version for studio theatre

Scene of action: La Habana
Time of action: 1959/60 (Background story)
1906 Tivoli 1910 Komet 1914 Circus 1927 Alhambra
1934 Farewell


In 1990/91 Hans Magnus Enzensberger and I wrote a reduced version of the television opera “La Cubana” intended in particular for stage performances that require fewer cha- racters (only singers) and significantly fewer instrumentalists. A single stage set sparsely decorated is sufficient. The piece takes place in Rachel’s flat shortly after the outbreak of the Cuban revolution. As well as a chamber ensemble, the piece requires, at most, only two actresses and two actors who may each play several secondary roles:
The reviewer/the telescope hirer/the senator/ the old man/Eusebio/Yarini/Paco/Federico/ Ofelia/Lucile
These actors/ actresses also play the parts of the witnesses who address the audience directly.

Hans Werner Henze


Rachelsopranoa Caribbean beauty
Ofelia parte parlataRachel’s maid
Eusebio tenorea young man from a wealthy family
Lucilemezzosopranoa young whore
Yarinia pimp
Pacoa circus artist
Federicoa student
a critic
declamato intonatoa telescope hirer
Der Cimarróna blackman
a senator
an old man


1 Sassofono sopranoanche Sassofono contralto e
Sassofono tenore
1 Clarinetto
1 Tromba
1 Trombone
Mandolinoanche Banjo tenore
Percussione[per 1]
Pianoforteanche Pianoforte preparato ad lib.
1 Contrabbasso