Chamber music Keyboards 1980

Six Pieces for Young Pianists (Sechs Stücke für junge Pianisten)

From the musical fairytale “Pollicino”

Year of composition 1980
Duration 20 minutes

I Ballade
II Allegro con grazia
III Allegretto barbaro
IV Moderato cantabile
V Allegro mostruoso
VI Appendix: Margaretenwalzer (for Peg)

World premiere

World premiere 13. October 1982


Piano András Hamary


In the children’s opera “Pollicino” (to be sung and performed largely by children and amateurs), there are several passages during which the music teachers are invited to participate in the performance. Principally, apart from some violin interludes, these are moments of piano activity. Here the music develops beyond the given scope of style, technique and content orientated towards the children’s world, serving to highlight out the somewhat complicated background and structure of the adult world (made up of liars, traitors and man-eaters), presented in “Pollicino” as its negative opposite.

Hans Werner Henze