Chamber music Keyboards 1947

Sonatina 1947

for solo piano

Editing Christopher Tainton

Year of composition 1947
Duration circa 7 minutes

With gratitude to Christopher Tainton who gave the premiere of this work on 6th August 2003 during the Salzburg Festival and for his invaluable help in its preparation for publication.
Hans Werner Henze

World premiere

World premiere August 6, 2003

Salzburg · Salzburger Festspiele
Piano Christopher Tainton


I wrote this sonatina in december 1947 for Wladimir Horbowski, the highly respected piano teacher, who at that time used to be working in Stuttgart. With the years, maybe due to several removals I had misplaced the manuscript and thought it to be lost.

Only recently it happened to reappear, in fact in the Paul Sacher Foundation’s archives in Basel, and now it enjoys daylight again. I was very pleased indeed with the rediscovery from that phase of my life, it’s awkward and blurry echoes of the old master’s piano music, and with it’s upcoming presentation. Very special thanks go to Christopher Tainton, the pianist, and to all those who did help to revive this piece.

Hans Werner Henze, Juni 2003