Orchestral and ensemble works 1991

The Enchanted Forest (La selva incantata)

Aria and Rondo for orchestra

Commissioned by the Städtische Oper Frankfurt am Main

Year of composition 1991
Duration 11 minutes

Dedicated to Hans Peter Doll

World premiere

World premiere 6. April 1991


Opernhaus- und Museumsorchester Frankfurt
Conductor Hans Drewanz


This music is taken from the second act of my early opera “King Stag”. In the original, the aria – here rescored for the orchestra alone – is sung by the protagonist (tenor) who yearns to return to the woods, to nature, to the origins of his animal existence. The rondo is set in a very fast dance tempo (a Tarantella?) and is in three parts: the first one is cheerful and comic, the second one lyrical, almost romantically so, whereas the third one is impetuous and dramatic. The music of both pieces has been considerably rewritten and altered, in harmonic, melodic and rhythmic aspects.

Hans Werner Henze


2 Flauti2° anche Ottavino
2 Oboi2° anche Corno inglese
2 Clarinetti2° anche Clarinetto basso
1 Sassofono contralto
2 Fagotti 2° anche Controfagotto
3 Corni
2 Trombe
2 Tromboni
Percussione Triangolo
Piatto sospeso
Piatti a due
3 Tomtom
3 Bongos
Tamburo militare
Grancassa e piatto
[per 2]