1994 Chamber music Keyboards

Toccata mistica

for piano

Year of composition 1994
4 minutes

for Susanne and Rolf Ibach

World premiere

World premiere 13. November 1994


Cologne · Kölner Philharmonie

Piano Homero Francesch


This piece of music takes just a few minutes, and that’s why, at first sight, we cannot imagine it to contain several basic elements, themes and chords which later have been transferred to other compositions like growing exuberantly in different new branches. To give an example, the piece for chamber ensemble „Voie lactée ô sour lumineuse“ emerged from this Toccata. We may also find echoes of the passion-rich atmosphere rich of the opera „Venus and Adonis“ - this comes from relationships in harmonies, the conduct of the parts and the „narrative“ diction of the instruments.

We are situated in a tropical wilderness dazzling in the moonlight, full of darkness and myths and mysteries.

Hans Werner Henze