The Tedious Way to the Place of Natascha Ungeheuer

(Der langwierige Weg in die Wohnung der Natascha Ungeheuer)
Tedious Way to the Place of Natascha Ungeheuer, The

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Poem by Gastón Salvatore (English by Christopher Keene)

Year of composition 1971
Duration 55 minutes

I. Planimetry
II. Attempts at molestation
III. The veiled messengers
IV. The listless spy
V. Introduction to the difficult bourgeoisie
VI. Attempted return to the bourgeoisie
VIII. German song
IX. Geodesy
X. Speech practise (song under the gallows)
XI. Metapenthis

Commissioned by the European Broadcasting Union

World premiere

World premiere May 17th, 1971

Rom · Teatro Olimpico (RAI)

Baritone William Pearson
Percussion Stomu Yamash'ta
Hammond organ Giuseppe Agostini

The Fires of London
Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
Gunther Hampel Free Jazz Group
Conductor Hans Werner Henze


The tape was produced in the studios of the TU (Technische Universität) Berlin

Sound engineer Rüdiger Rufer
Assistant Rainer Esche

Voices on the German tape
Dieter Schidor
Gastón Salvatore
Hans Werner Henze
Elfriede Irral


Natascha Ungeheuer exists. She lives in Kreuzberg (Berlin). With the character from this work, she has nothing in common but the name which Gastón Salvatore once came across by chance and used merely as a metaphor bearing no relationship to the person thus named. The percussionist works primarily within a wrecked car. The player may make his own selection of instruments and may also install percussion into the structure of the wrecked car. The percussive material which should be retrieved from the wreck (and the extra pieces) will consist of steel, aluminium, rubber, wood, glass and skin.

Hans Werner Henze


Vocalistabaritono – recita
e servendosi dello sprechgesang schoenberghiano
Percussionistamateriali diversi
Armonica a bocca
Armonica (o Armonetta)
[per 1]



Quintetto con Pianoforte

1 Flautoanche Ottavino
1 Clarinetto anche Clarinetto piccolo e Clarinetto basso
1 Violinoanche Violino con microfono a contatto e Viola
1 Violoncello anche Violoncello con microfono di contatto


Quintetto di fiati

1 Corno
2 Trombe
1 Trombone
1 Tuba tenore


Complesso jazz

1 Clarinetto bassoanche Flauto, Ocarina
Vibrafono e Batteria piccola
1 Sassofono in varie accordatureanche Clarinetti in varie accordature
1 Trombone
1 Contrabbasso
Organo hammond
Nastro magnetico stereoanche piccoli amplificatori per alcuni strumenti
2 Altoparlanti