April 2014

Hans Werner Henze Manuscript found!

On his research for the roots of the “Three Tentos” of the “Kammermusik 1958”, guitarist and composer Andres Grün made a sensational discovery. He just followed the hint that the “Three Tentos” of “Kammermusik 1958” contained material of the radio play “Der sechste Gesang” (The sixth chant, Text by Ernst Schnabel). Finally he came across the original manuscript “musiche per chitarra – accompagnando il SESTO CANTO di Ernesto Schnabel”, which consists of 46 numbers. Grün has recently published an essay well worth reading about the discovery, the link to the “Three Tentos” as well as to “Maratona di Danza” in a German and an Italian guitar magazine (see category “Publications”):