Memorias de El Cimarrón | Chanson für Chile

1 CD
Label: Timezone (TZ 1805)
Published in 2019

Memorias de El Cimarrón

for two guitars arranged by Elena Cásoli and Jürgen Ruck
Version for voice and two guitars


Chanson für Chile

for tenor and guitar


Composer: Hans Werner Henze

Guitar: Johannes Lang, Josef Müksch
Speaker: Holger Klemt
Tenor: Adrian Lieb
Soprano: Theresa Maria Romes

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Memorias de „El Cimarrón“

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Memorias de „El Cimarrón“

Chanson for Chile (Chanson für Chile)

for tenor and guitar
1974 Vocal pieces Plucking instruments
Chanson for Chile (Chanson für Chile)

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