Buchcover: A casa di Hans, 2021
© Timia edizioni, Roma

A casa di Hans

Timia Edizioni in Rome has published Anton Giulio Onofri's book of magnificent photographs of Villa La Leprara.

June 16, 2021. In early summer 2018, the Roman photographer Anton Giulio Onofri spent a few days working at Villa La Leprara to document the property before it was sold, just as Hans Werner Henze had left it. Michael Kerstan granted him access to all the rooms and the garden on behalf of the Hans Werner Henze Foundation and drew his attention to some significant objects. The outcome is a wonderful book with magnificent photographs featuring not only these images, telling of the life and work of the Maestro, but also numerous companions of Henze's, at the invitation of co-editor Gastón Fournier Facio, who have had their say. Kerstan has contributed a detailed introduction to this volume.

Shortly after the sale of the villa, the book was published by the extremely committed Roman publisher Timia Edizioni.

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A casa di Hans

Villa 'La Leprara' di Hans Werner Henze nei Castelli Romani
various authors · Photography: Anton Giulio Onofri
A casa di Hans
Villa La Leprara, 2013

Villa La Leprara sold!

After intensive but fruitless efforts to save the estate of its benefactor, the Hans Werner Henze Foundation has now been able to sell it

Villa La Leprara sold!

Hans Werner Henze's house is to be sold

But the Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte in Montepulciano continues to cultivate the composer's legacy.

Hans Werner Henze's house is to be sold




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