The much-awaited first recording of the manuscript version of Henze's Royal Winter Music has been released on CD and in print.

The composer's efforts to create a stage version of the television opera La Cubana date back to the early 90s of the 20th century. Now the magnificent result can be seen at the Staatsoper Berlin on the stage of Linden21.

The late premiere of Henze's first work, thought lost, takes place at Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie

Commissioned by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Hans Abrahamsen orchestrated the last two movements of Hans Werner Henze's Sonatina 1947.

Concert music of 1944: The manuscript of Hans Werner Henzes opus 1: Concert music for solo violine and small chamber orchestra was handed over by Sibylle Stier to the Hans Werner Henze-Foundation in September 2017. The convocation of the parties to the Labor service and military service in January 1944 had at that time prevented a world premiere.

On his research for the roots of the “Three Tentos” of the “Kammermusik 1958”, guitarist and composer Andres Grün made a sensational discovery.




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