Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012) is considered one of the most important contemporary German opera composers as well as "the most colourful figures in the history of musical art after the Second World War" (Petersen 1988). In autobiographical writings and interviews, in addition to the political-humanitarian and pedagogical dimensions of his works, he repeatedly stated that he understood music as a language for communicating with the audience. Being understood was an essential concern for him, committed to the "historical topos of the linguistic nature of music" (Tumat/Zywietz 2019). His literary work, largely serving to explain his music, also bears eloquent witness to the fact.

A film documentary has been released in a package with the new recording of Royal Winter Music I and II

Timia Edizioni in Rome has published Anton Giulio Onofri's book of magnificent photographs of Villa La Leprara.

Musicology at Paderborn University/Detmold University of Music receives all media from Henze's Villa La Leprara

The group came together in March 1999 to rehearse the work as part of the Young Culture organization in Hallein and spontaneously chose its name after the piece by Hans Werner Henze.

The Executive Director of the Hans Werner Henze Foundation attended the performance of Das Floß der Medusa in Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk Oblast), Russia, at the invitation of the organiser. Here is his report:

Transfer of the exhibition Canti di colore. I dipinti di Hans Werner Henze from the Goethe House in Rome to the Berlin Philharmonie.

On 9 February at 17:00, the doors are opening to the exhibition Canti di Colore - i dipinti di Hans Werner Henze - Farbenlieder - die Gemälde Hans Werner Henze at the Goethe House on Rome's Corso.

Five years after Hans Werner Henze's death, a large part of his artwork has been made accessible to the public for the first time. We owe this to the enthusiasm of the Cantiere's artistic director, Roland Böer.

To mark the 40th Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte in Montepulciano, the Hans Werner Henze Foundation is organising an exhibition in the fortress of Montepulciano with exhibits from Henze's painting collection.




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