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Symposium at the University of the Arts Bremen

In November 2017, Kadja Grönke and Michael Zywietz organised a three-day symposium on the "Status and perspectives of musicological homosexuality research". Four lectures focussed on the life and work of Hans Werner Henze.

Gender studies in musicology has been experiencing a major upswing in Europe for some time now, and the Bremen University of the Arts organised a total of four conferences on this topic between 2016 and 2018, including one on 1 July 2016 that was dedicated exclusively to Hans Werner Henze. The lectures at the conference in November 2017 focussing on Henze, were given by Kadja Grönke (“In search of the fragile beauty of the body” - on Kammermusik 1958), Foundation Board Member Antje Tumat (“Biography and work: Henze's Bassarids”), Klaus Oehl ("Die Geige pfeift ihm ein Liedchen nach", about Le Miracle de la Rose) and Michael Kerstan, Managing Director of the Hans Werner Henze Foundation ("Homosexuelle Spuren im Œuvre Hans Werner Henzes", about Apollo et Hyazinthus, Liebeslieder and Elogium musicum).
In 2021, Textem in Hamburg published the corresponding conference proceedings entitled "Musik und Homosexualitäten. Conference proceedings Bremen 2017 and 2018.

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Love Songs (Liebeslieder)

Canzoni d'amore
1985 Concert
Love Songs (Liebeslieder)

Elogium Musicum

amatissimi amici nunc remoti
2008 Vocal pieces
Elogium Musicum

Le miracle de la rose

Imaginary Theatre II
1981 Concert
Le miracle de la rose

Chamber Music 1958 (Kammermusik 1958)

On the hymn “In lieblicher Bläue” by Friedrich Hölderlin
1958 1963 Vocal pieces
Chamber Music 1958 (Kammermusik 1958)

The Bassarids (Die Bassariden)

Music drama in one act by W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman
1965 1992 Music theatre Opera
The Bassarids (Die Bassariden)

Apollo et Hyazinthus

Improvisations for harpsichord, solo alto and eight solo instruments
1949 Vocal pieces
Apollo et Hyazinthus




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