On 30 September, the DoelenEnsemble performs Henze's Requiem together with the notabu.ensemble neue musik at the Tonhalle in Düsseldorf. The soloists are Bassam Mussad (trumpet) and Maaren van Veen (piano), with Mark-Andreas Schlingensiepen conducting. As an introduction, there will be a conversation between the dramaturge of the Tonhalle, Uwe Sommer, and the managing director of the Hans Werner Henze Foundation, Michael Kerstan.

In August 2016, Elena Minetti, Gastón Fournier Facio and Michael Kerstan are working on the revision of the Italian edition of Henze's two autobiographical volumes in several phases at La Leprara.

For the 41st Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte in Montepulciano, Michael Kerstan is organising an exhibition in the lobby of the Teatro Poliziano with 18 stage and costume designs, some of them large-scale and culturally and historically relevant.




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