Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012) is considered one of the most important contemporary German opera composers as well as "the most colourful figures in the history of musical art after the Second World War" (Petersen 1988). In autobiographical writings and interviews, in addition to the political-humanitarian and pedagogical dimensions of his works, he repeatedly stated that he understood music as a language for communicating with the audience. Being understood was an essential concern for him, committed to the "historical topos of the linguistic nature of music" (Tumat/Zywietz 2019). His literary work, largely serving to explain his music, also bears eloquent witness to the fact.

The much-awaited first recording of the manuscript version of Henze's Royal Winter Music has been released on CD and in print.

As part of the DFG project "Henze Digital - Hans Werner Henze's Artistic Network", the international and interdisciplinary symposium "Music, Networks, Self-Testimonies: Current Research on Hans Werner Henze" with researchers and companions took place.

The Foundation supported the publication of the correspondence between Karl Amadeus and Elisabeth Hartmann with Hans Werner Henze. It was published by the Karl Amadeus Hartmann Society under the direction of Andreas Hérm Baumgartner and Wolfgang Rathert.

Timia Edizioni in Rome has published Anton Giulio Onofri's book of magnificent photographs of Villa La Leprara.

Commissioned by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Hans Abrahamsen orchestrated the last two movements of Hans Werner Henze's Sonatina 1947.

Transfer of the exhibition Canti di colore. I dipinti di Hans Werner Henze from the Goethe House in Rome to the Berlin Philharmonie.

In April 2018, the composer Saskia Bladt is spending a study and work residency at La Leprara. Until shortly before, she was a Villa Massimo scholarship holder and now she is realising a commission from the Munich Biennale - International Festival for New Music Theatre.

On 9 February at 17:00, the doors are opening to the exhibition Canti di Colore - i dipinti di Hans Werner Henze - Farbenlieder - die Gemälde Hans Werner Henze at the Goethe House on Rome's Corso.

On 26 July, Elena Minetti and Michael Kerstan will present the 2nd Italian edition of Henze's autobiography, Canti di Viaggio. Una vita, this time in Rimini as part of the Sagra Musicale Malatestiana, the large music festival of Emilia Romagna. Afterwards there will be a performance of El Cimarrón with Italian musicians and the American baritone Nicholas Isherwood.




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