Meeting of Spanish intellectuals and artists with Hans Werne...
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Carta Blanca of the OCNE to Hans Werner Henze

In February 2005, the Spanish National Orchestra and National Choir (OCNE) dedicated their annual festival "Carta Blanca" to Hans Werner Henze.

Over three weekends, he had the honour of presenting a series of three concerts focusing on his own music, each one repeated twice. In this context, his 3rd Violin Concerto, 5th Symphony and the orchestral suite "Appassionatamente plus" were performed. The highlight was the Spanish premiere of "The Raft of the Medusa". The photo was taken at a meeting of Spanish intellectuals and artists with the composer, organised by musicologist Javier Alfaya.

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List of Works

Appassionatamente plus

for large orchestra
2003 Orchestral and ensemble works
Appassionatamente plus

The Raft of the “Medusa” (Das Floß der Medusa)

1968 1990 Vocal pieces
The Raft of the “Medusa” (Das Floß der Medusa)

3rd Violin Concerto (3. Violinkonzert)

Three portraits of Thomas Mann's novel „Dr. Faustus“
1997 Concert
3rd Violin Concerto (3. Violinkonzert)

Symphony No. 5 (5. Sinfonie)

For large orchestra
1962 Orchestral and ensemble works
Symphony No. 5 (5. Sinfonie)




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