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Thomas Mann would have been envious of the views

Hans Werner Henze is considered a leading composer after 1945, but seven years after his death his legacy is under threat.

The countdown is running. By the end of this year, a buyer must be found for the large estate in Marino near Rome. Otherwise it will be vacated and left to decay. This is what Michael Kerstan has decided, and this step hurts him. After all, it is about Hans Werner Henze's estate. Here, in "La Leprara", the important German composer lived since 1961 and wrote music history with his works. Henze died seven years ago, in October 2012.

As his last companion, Kerstan is also the managing director of the Hans Werner Henze Foundation. It was founded by Henze in September 2007 and appointed as the main heir and executor of his estate. According to the will, the foundation is to promote young composers and to safeguard and disseminate Henze's work. But so far it has only been able to do this to a limited extent, because the foundation is also responsible for the care of "La Leprara". The villa measures around 510 square metres of living space, and the entire property extends over one hectare.

The panorama of Rome and the Sabine mountains down to the coast is spectacular, but the upkeep of the property is rather steep. Since no sponsor has been found so far, this too has to be financed from the foundation's funds. "If the funds are used to maintain a house, the purpose of the foundation is not fulfilled," Kerstan emphasises, citing the reservations of the foundation authorities. For this reason, the Foundation has been desperately searching for a sponsor for years who would also continue to run the property "in Henze's spirit".

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CD-Cover: Royal Winter Music - On Shakespearean Characters

Royal Winter Music - On Shakespearean Characters

Royal Winter Music - On Shakespearean Characters
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A casa di Hans

Villa 'La Leprara' di Hans Werner Henze nei Castelli Romani
various authors · Photography: Anton Giulio Onofri
A casa di Hans

La piccola Cubana

Vaudeville by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Music theatre Opera
La piccola Cubana

The Prince of Homburg (Der Prinz von Homburg)

Opera in three acts (nine scenes) after the play by Heinrich von Kleist
1959 1991 Music theatre Opera
The Prince of Homburg (Der Prinz von Homburg)

The Young Milord (Der junge Lord)

Comic opera in two acts by Ingeborg Bachmann
1964 Music theatre Opera
The Young Milord (Der junge Lord)


for solo violin and small chamber orchestra (9 solo instruments)
1944 Chamber music String instruments




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