With Reinhold Kreile, Köln 1993
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Establishing the Hans Werner Henze-Foundation

In June 2007, composer Hans Werner Henze made first considerations about a foundation in order to make sure, that after his demise, his oeuvre and his educational impulses and initiatives would continue to live and to be spread.

In an inspiring exchange of ideas with his long time friends Reinhold Kreile and Michael Kerstan he established the foundation in the same year on occasion of the world premiere of his opera “Phaedra” in Berlin. However, the composer wanted the institution to start working only after his death. They  often met on various occasions like in June 2008 in Florence (Italian premiere of “Phaedra”), March 2009 in Munich (“Adagio, Fuge und Mänadentanz” performed by the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and Christian Thielemann), January 2010 in Rome (World Premiere of “Opfergang – Immolazione”) November 2010 in Dresden (premiere of “Gisela!” at the Semperoper), April 2011in Berlin (lifetime achievement award of the GEMA) and May 2012 in Leipzig (world premiere of “An den Wind” on occasion of the 800th anniversary of the St. Thomas Choir). Henze developed details and fixed the composition of the boards. ?In 2007 the Foundation was awarded the status of common public interest by the government of Upper Bavaria.




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