In the fall of 1973, Hans Kumpf completed a work on music theory entitled „Wechselwirkungen und Parallelen zwischen Strömungen in der Postseriellen Musik und im Jazz seit 1960“. Jazz Podium has since published revised and supplemented parts of it. (in German)

Here is an interview given by Hans Werner Henze during his first visit to Cuba on the occasion of the Cuban premiere of Das Floß der Medusa:

In his autobiography, Hans Werner Henze remembers the circumstances of the cancelled premiere of his oratorio "The Raft of the Medusa" on 9 December 1968 in Hamburg.

After the assassination attempt on Rudi Dutschke and his expulsion from Switzerland, Dutschke recovers at La Leprara, 1968. Excerpt from the autobiography "Reiselieder mit böhmischen Quinten: Autobiographische Mitteilungen 1926–1995"

On 18 February 1968, 12,000 people demonstrated in Berlin against the Vietnam War.

In the interview with Friedrich Luft, the composer Hans Werner Henze talks about his musical work and his views on the function of music. Among other things, he addresses mass culture, working on commissioned works, and the distancing of contemporary music from the audience. His works for the theater and his love of opera are also covered in closer detail.
(Source: rbb)

Hans Werner Henze composed the opera "Elegy for Young Lovers" commissioned by the Süddeutscher Rundfunk. The world premiere is on 20.05.1961 for the opening of the Schwetzinger Festspiele. An announcement of the world premiere with exclusive insights into the production can be seen in the ARD Mediathek in the section "SWR Retro - Abendschau". (in german)

The author, now at the age of thirty-two, is one of the leading contemporary German composers. Only recently he caused a sensation and aroused much opposition with the new version of his opera "König Hirsch". From Naples, his residence, he wrote this letter to the editor-in-chief of schlagzeug.

The premiere of Nachtstücke und Arien (Nocturnes and Arias) at the Donaueschingen Music Festival in 1957 led to a veritable scandal, after which Hans Werner Henze's music has not been performed there ever since.
Excerpt from the autobiography "Reiselieder mit böhmischen Quinten: Autobiographische Mitteilungen 1926–1995"

In 1954, the composer experienced his first scandal at the Roman premiere of Boulevard Solitude. The claqueurs had been paid by someone else. And Igor Stravinsky, the greatest living composer at the time, was denied entry to the opera house, the Teatro Costanzi. Here is the excerpt from Henze's autobiography:





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