The website of the Hans Werner Henze Foundation was launched in September 2013 and, after years of work, is now experiencing a major update with a completely revised design and many new, previously unpublished articles, information about Hans Werner Henze and the Foundation's work, as well as an extensive picture gallery.

The Hans Werner Henze Foundation mourns the death of Prof. Dr. Johannes Kreile (1958-2022), Chairman of the Hans Werner Henze Foundation from 2007-2022.

Musicology at Paderborn University/Detmold University of Music receives all media from Henze's Villa La Leprara

After intensive but fruitless efforts to save the estate of its benefactor, the Hans Werner Henze Foundation has now been able to sell it

After two years of preparation, a small festival with 7 events from September to November, including two exhibitions, is successfully put together in cooperation with the city's head of culture, Andreas Kimpel, the municipal theatre and the guitarist and musicologist Fabian Hinsche.

The Hans Werner Henze Foundation goes online with its website. The composer's biographical data and a complete list of works are now generally available; a list of publications is under construction, as well as a calendar of events. Of course, the Foundation's activities will also be reported here.

In June 2007, composer Hans Werner Henze made first considerations about a foundation in order to make sure, that after his demise, his oeuvre and his educational impulses and initiatives would continue to live and to be spread.




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