Fausto Moroni (1944 - 2007) was Hans Werner Henze's partner for over forty years. In conversation with Clemens Wolken, he talks for the first and only time about his life at the composer's side. (in German. for Italian please change the language to Italian)

Dr. Barbara Haas conducted an interview with Hans Werner Henze in his villa "La Leprara", Marino, at the end of March 2011. (SR 2, July 5, 2011)

The composer Hans Werner Henze appreciates the good tone also in fashion

In the fall of 1973, Hans Kumpf completed a work on music theory entitled „Wechselwirkungen und Parallelen zwischen Strömungen in der Postseriellen Musik und im Jazz seit 1960“. Jazz Podium has since published revised and supplemented parts of it. (in German)

In the interview with Friedrich Luft, the composer Hans Werner Henze talks about his musical work and his views on the function of music. Among other things, he addresses mass culture, working on commissioned works, and the distancing of contemporary music from the audience. His works for the theater and his love of opera are also covered in closer detail.
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